District 3450 Rotary Foundation Committee 2023 -2024

By PDG Belinda Yeung, JP, Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour

October is Economic & Community Development

October is Economic & Community Development Month. The goal is to create productive employment opportunities that can

(1) reduce poverty,
(2) achieve social and economic development, and
(3) provide income security and empowerment.

The Rotary Foundation enables Rotarians to invest in people by creating sustainable, measurable and long term economic improvements in their communities and livelihoods by :

  • Building the capacity of entrepreneurs, community leaders, local organizations, and community networks to support economic development in impoverished communities;
  • Developing opportunities for productive work;
  • Reducing poverty in under-served communities;
  • Supporting studies for career-minded professionals related to economic and community development.

Rotary Showcase

What Rotarians done to the world? Please look at it to get answer

Project Name: Improving Sustainable Crop Farming Practices, Cameroon
Rotary Club: Rotary Club of Bafoussam and clubs in Rotary District 7080 (Canada), in partnership with the Sustainable Livestock Foundation
Beneficiaries: in Koung-Khi, Menoua, and Mifi in the West Region of Cameroon
Area of Focus: Economic and Community Development

  • Set a goal to increase the net returns of family peasant farmers, especially women and young men
  • focused on improved organic farming practices including:
    • Increased soil fertility through the application of poultry manure
    • Soil erosion control
    • Increased crop yields through the use of improved seed varieties
    • Increased earned income through improved marketing of farm produce
  • With the help of an agricultural technician, each group learned strategies for improving
  • their crop yield by 30%

Project Name: Adopt-A-Village Cambodia Sustainability Project
Rotary Club: Rotary Club of Phnom Penh is partnering with Rotary District 9800 (Australia)
Beneficiaries: Bosalla and Kroa Boa in Kampong Speu
Area of Focus: Economic and Community Development

  • The global grant project has been designed as a response to community assessment that showed 800 community members starving and dying from cholera and typhoid fever due to lack of clean water, sanitation, food, medicine, and education.
  • The project aims to expand Rotarians’ efforts by training teachers and providing school resources, providing safe water and sanitation hygiene education, initiating mushroom and pig farming, and starting a silk weaving venture, leading to economic sustainability.

Meet with Our Major Donor
PP Menza Chu – RC Soho Hong Kong (MD level 1)

Collected by PP Maki Wan – RC Kowloon Golden Mile

“I grew up in a grass root family. I treasure every opportunity to learn and grow. Likewise, I hope the younger generation could get more inspiration and guidance so that they could develop themselves to the fullest by tapping their own potential. I am grateful as many Rotarians, especially my Charter President Chris Tsang, have inspired me a lot in the past.”

How do you become a Rotarian and what’s the most rewarding aspect of being a Rotarian?

In 1992, I had a chance to attend a short training course in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I met Past President Alice Tsang (RC Neoteric HKI) in that class. At a reunion dinner back in 2010, a lady suddenly popped up (later I learnt she is Past President Angela Yee) and asked us to suggest a name for a meaningful project. This was probably my first impression on what Rotary was doing.

When Charter President Chris Tsang was preparing to charter a new club – Rotary Club of SoHo Hong Kong, my friend Eddy Lo rang me up. With my wife’s blessing, I told Eddy “You jump, I jump”. Since then, we have been members of the Rotary Club of SoHo Hong Kong which was chartered on 1 May 2012 as charter members.

Throughout my rotary years, I served as club president, Deputy District Secretary, Assistant Governor, District Rotaract Chair, District Secretary, District Health Committee Chair, District Youth Service Committee Chair, District Community Service Committee vice-chair, Presidents- elect Training Seminar Chair, District Community Service Seminar Chair. I was also thrilled and surprised to be recognized as the Rotarian of The Year in 2017/18. The most rewarding gain in Rotary was friendship and inspiration gained from fellow Rotarians and service partners.

What impact do you hope your donation will have on society or future generations?

In 2018, RI President Gordon McInally, as the RI President’s Personal Representative, came to Hong Kong to join our District Conference, where I was the Chair of the Leaders’ Lunch and the emcee of the Foundation Lunch. Later in 2020, I approached him to deliver a closing remark when we organized the first ever Rotary Virtual Exchange with the District 1020 (Scotland) on the COVID-19 pandemic.

No health without mental health“. Thanks to his personal experience and vision, he has made “Mental Health” one of his major themes in the current Rotary year. Apart from keeping my momentum to serve Rotary, I also decided to chip in a little to be a Major Donor. Despite a little amount as compared with the entire TRF, I hope our ripples could reach those in need especially the younger generation in the world through the impactful project of Rotary.

People who know me well may understand that I often spent time to New Generation Service which is of cardinal importance in our avenues of service in Rotary and to teach the undergraduates in the University as well as during their clinical placements. I do enjoy learning from young people.

Meet with Our Major Donor
AG Jack Chong – RC Kowloon Northeast (MD Level 1)

“I am currently working as an entrepreneur in operating a multinational corporation specializing in the lighting industry. When I do have time outside of work and Rotary, I do enjoy golfing, and trying out new restaurants, be it in Hong Kong or abroad during my travels.”

How do you become a Rotarian and what is the most rewarding aspect of being a Rotarian?

I became a Rotarian in 2015 being referred by a friend whom I met as part of my involvement with JCI (Junior Chamber International). Prior to joining I had already known Rotary and participated in Rotary events before, as I have fortunately already been exposed to Rotary with my father being a Rotarian for more than 40 years.

The most rewarding aspect about being a Rotarian is having the opportunity to give back to the community via a variety of service projects, be it at a club, district or global level. Rotary is one of the only organizations with the global outreach, and making an impactful and positive contribution to those in need.

Any message to potential major donors?

To potential major donors, I believe the key question is not just about reaching a milestone, but understanding the impact your donation has to those who receive the funds as part of their service projects.

The Rotary Foundation has a clear and fair system in distributing the funds where they are needed the most, so the donor can rest assured that any donation is being well spent. To receive recognition for the donation is more of an extra reward.

Language learning corner: Let’s speak Mongolian!!!

Trustee Chair Message

Barry Rassin
Foundation Trustee Chair 2023 – 24

Create your Rotary moment

When was your Rotary moment?

It’s when you realize that being part of Rotary means more than just showing up for a meeting, when you discover you are part of something that changes the lives of others as it changes yours

The beauty of Rotary, especially with The Rotary Foundation, is that we can create these Rotary moments anytime.


Just reach out to others in Rotary and discuss our work. Our caring network, our dedicated volunteers, and available resources will take care of the rest.  

If two people can make such a difference, imagine what we can accomplish by working together in larger groups through The Rotary Foundation.

Picture the impact of clubs within a district joining forces for a Foundation district grant to boost literacy, or two districts from different parts of the world transforming a community through a water, sanitation, and hygiene global grant.

Not yet found?

If you haven’t discovered your Rotary moment yet, keep searching. Serving Rotary through our Foundation is a great place to find it, and it will change your life.

Polio Plus Corner

The GPEI has effectively forced the polio viruses into a corner and there are no technical reasons for why the goal of elimination cannot be achieved. The number of cases of both WPV and cVDPV are diminishing. The number of environmental surveillance collections are increasing but the number of positive samples diagnosed is not. Those cases are geographically confined to smaller areas in the countries where the viruses are circulating. The number of strains of the viruses is reducing and the introduction of the nOPV2 has contributed to reduction of cVDPV2 cases. Despite occasional reverses, polio eradication continues to move forward.

D3450 Rotary Figures (2023-2024)

Top 3 Contributing Clubs
Interim results for July through SEPTEMBER 2023-24
Data as of 26 September 2023

Upcoming Events

End Polio Day & InterCity Dinner Meeting – 18 November 2023

District Rotary Foundation Seminar & Grant Management Seminar (DRF &GMS) – May 2024 **

** This is a combined version for this Rotary Year. Please note that GMS is a must to attend event for all clubs to fulfil qualifications for next year