Preserve Planet Earth Committee 2023-24

October PPE Newsletter written by IPP Eliza Ning, Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour, PPE Committee Chair and IPP Angela Wong, Rotary Club of Peninsula East, PPE Committee Member

PPE Power Day – 28th October 2023

Experience a day filled with green power and energy together with all the Rotarians, friends and family, all embracing a vibrant atmosphere of PPE!

Morning Session

Time: 10:00 -12:00
Location: Tzu Chi Environmental Action Centre
Fee: Free
*Rotarians only – capacity 120 persons

Lunch & Afternoon Session

Time: 12:30 -14:00
Coach to Wu Kau Tang (烏蛟騰)
Fee: HK$220 per person (including lunch box and coach)
*Rotarians, friends and family – capacity 200 persons

Time: 14:00 -16:00
Location: Wu Kau Tang (烏蛟騰)
Picnic, PPE Sharing & Brainstorming, Exercise
*Rotarians, friends and family – capacity 200 persons
**5pm coach back to Tai Wai

VIP Speakers:

  1. Mr. Paul Cheung, Professional Mountaineer
  2. Ms. Fanny Lee, Community Engagement Director, Feeding HK
  3. Dr. Xoni Ma, Founder & Education Director, Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong
  4. Ms. Karman Tse, Tzu Chi Environmental Action Center Manager

Come and join us for Carbon Reduction, Stopping Food Waste, and Loving Our Environment Sharing, Brainstorming, Picnic and doing some exercise together.  Feel free to pick different sessions in case you are not free the whole day. Please register via the Google form below:

If any questions, please contact IPP Anton Chan at 852 – 6193 5053.

Green In Our Hands Recycling Competition

We are in the third month of our Green in Our Hands Recycling Competition and thanks to the effort of Vice Chair IPP Annyee in promoting this competition, a further 4 clubs have signed up since the second month. There are a total of 41 clubs participating in the Competition and approximately around 60,000.00 Green$ points have been earned so far. The clubs will have until 15th April 2024 to earn Green$ points which will be used to redeem groceries such as rice and noodles. The winning club will get to choose the NGO to donate the groceries to. Gather your family and friends to join in the recycling to earn more Green$ points, redeem into groceries and donate to the needy! Of course, don’t forget to invite the rest of the Rotary family in – Rotaract, Interact, Junioract and RCC!

Let’s BE PEOPLE OF ACTION  (一起行動) – Sign up the competition via the link:

If any questions, please contact IPP Annyee Chan at 852 – 9853 9787.

Green Events Handbook

Starting this month, we would like to share with you extracts from the Green Events Handbook published by Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG). The first 4 pages of the Handbook is extracted below. Together let’s learn how to run sustainable Rotary events! For those who want to read the Handbook in one go, please click the link below: