Characteristics of Area 8

Rotary Club of Central Harbourfront

  1. 7 Years old, and many years to go
  2. Registered charity under Section 88 of Inland Revenue Ordinance
  3. Caring Organization since 2019, to recognize our commitment in Caring for the Community and Environment
  4. Diverse group of professionals – all members come from unique fields
  5. Rotaract Club: Rotaract Club of Tung Wah College
  6. Junioract Clubs: Hennessy Road Government Primary School (Causeway Bay) & Pun U Association Wah Yan Primary School
  7. Meetings on 3rd Wednesday each month; guest speakers from various industries; insightful presentations & valuable knowledge
  8. Keen supporter of End Polio Now
  9. EREY Club
  10. Dedicated to Create Hope in the World

Rotary Club of Greater Bay Area

  1. Greater Bay Area
  2. ⁠Innovation Entrepreneurship
  3. ⁠Professional Friendship
  4. ⁠ESG & SDG Green Club
  5. ⁠Peace Builder Club
  6. ⁠EREY Club
  7. ⁠Mental Health First Aid Certificate
  8. ⁠Care Team Community Service
  9. ⁠Inspirational
  10. ⁠Create Hope

Rotary Club of  Kowloon Tong

  1. Good club admin and corporate governance.
  2. With good fund reserve and Section 88 Club
  3. Stable membership every year, no drastic change . 
  4. Interact Club – Chu Shek Lun secondary school 朱石麟中学
  5. Adopt-a-School: ECH 播道兒童之家
  6. Sister club – Rotary Club of Taipei Hwa Yueh  (台北華樂社)
  7. Well mix of vocational classification, including doctors, lawyer, banking, CPA, Education etc.
  8. 17 members are recognised as PHF within which 9 of them are Multiple PHF donors
  9. EREY Club
  10. Well mix of genders at 50/50, fulfill DEI

Rotary Club of Kowloon West

  1. ⁠Serving our community since 1961
  2. Diverse group of experienced professional members
  3. Active in community service and philanthropy
  4. Gentlemen’s club dedicated to making a difference
  5. Regular engagement with members every Wednesday afternoons
  6. ⁠Strong focus on youth and health services
  7. Regular social activities and outings with members
  8. Close relationship with overseas sister clubs from Taipei, Japan and Philippines
  9. Helped established the CCC Rotary Secondary School
  10. Donated the “folded hands” monument at Nathan Road titled “Please”

Rotary Club of Manhattan Hong Kong

  1. Focus on social service in various areas.
  2. Members from various professional fields, including law, finance, healthcare, and fashion, etc.
  3. Fellowship activities: Monthly gatherings and guest invitations to help members expand their networks.
  4. Maintain close connections and collaborations with sister club in Taiwan.
  5. Elderly services: Regularly invite elderly groups for free movie screenings, promoting social activities for seniors.
  6. Youth services: Established the Rotaract Club to cultivate and support young  leadership skills/ social involvement.
  7. Social inclusion: Organized the Bocce Ball Challenge to promote inclusion among individuals with/ without disabilities.
  8. Environmental protection: Regularly organize clean-up activities at beaches and country parks to protect natural resources.
  9. Focus on children with autism: Organize design competitions to showcase the talents of these children.
  10. Poverty alleviation: Regularly distribute food and supplies in the community.

Rotary Club of Tango HK

  1. Only Rotary Club in the world using Tango as name
  2. Preserve World Intangible Cultural Heritage
  3. Connect the World
  4. Strong in Public Image promulgation
  5. High academic qualification: 100% Bachelors, 60% Master and Doctor degree
  6. 100% professional institutions’ fellows and members
  7. Career diversity: Doctors, Nurses, Engineers, Environmentalists, Finance, Writer, Artists, Accountants.
  8. Devoted in health services, youth services and other community services

Rotary E Club of D3450

  1. First E-Club in District 3450 chartered under RI’s pilot project in 2004.
  2. Younger average age of members.
  3. High level of family participation.
  4. First to support Peace School.
  5. Sponsored GSE member Manman in 2009.
  6. Student Helen was sponsored to attend college in U.S. under Global Grant Project in 2023
  7. Four major donor members.
  8. 100% EREY Club.
  9. Members in Macau perform cross-border service.
  10. Is having a baby streak: 6 babies were born in the past 3 years. All boys.

Rotary E-Club of Tamar HK

  1. Chinese & English Rotary Club with male & female members
  2. 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club
  3. 100% EREY Club
  4. Green Club to support environment since chartered
  5. Diverse range of professionals
  6. Club Signature service project : To Feed The Hungry
  7. Focus to develop future leaders
  8. Excellent commitment &  team work to help the less fortunate people
  9. Emphasis on ‘Fellowship Through Service’
  10. Prominent commitment to Rotary principles