Preserve Planet Earth Committee 2023-24

February PPE Newsletter edited by IPP Eliza Ning, Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour, PPE Committee Chair and IPP Angela Wong, Rotary Club of Peninsula East, PPE Committee Member

Organized by RID 3450 Preserve Planet Earth (PPE) Committee, 2023-2024

由RID 3450保育地球委員會(PPE)2023-2024籌辦

On January 20th, Sat morning with a very beautiful sky and warm breeze, over 100 participants, including Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, students, and friends, embarked on an unforgettable journey to explore the wonders of mangrove sapling plantation and ecological conservation in Sha Tau Kok Farm, northeast territories of Hong Kong.


Led by the event Chair, DDS Donald Chan, we arrived at the picturesque mangrove site, excitement filled the air. He warmly welcomed all participants, expressing his gratitude for their presence, promoting environmental awareness and conservation efforts.

活動主席DDS Donald Chan帶領我們來到了風景如畫的紅樹林地點,現場洋溢着興奮氣氛。他熱情地歡迎所有參與者,對他們的到來表示感謝,並推廣環境意識和保育工作。

DG Andy Li addressed all participants, emphasizing Rotary’s role in promoting sustainability and preserving the natural world. He highlighted the significance of mangroves as vital ecosystems that protect coastlines, sequester carbon, and support marine life.

DG Andy Li亦向所有參與者發表了講話,強調扶輪社在促進可持續發展和保護自然界方面不遺餘力。他強調紅樹林作為保護海岸線、固碳和支持海洋生物的重要生態系統的重要性。

PPE Chair Eliza Ning further expressed her passion for ecological conservation and encouraged participation in upcoming activities – Rotary Carbon Reduction Video Competition and Rotary Clean Day on the same day in 3 areas – Hong Kong, Macau and Mongolia, on 20th April. A knowledgeable conservationist, Samson also shared valuable insights on mangroves and their habitats, emphasizing their importance in protecting coastlines and supporting biodiversity.

保育地球 (PPE) 委員會主席Eliza Ning進一步表達了她對生態保育的熱情,並鼓勵參與即將舉行的活動,包括扶輪減碳短片創作比賽以及4月20日在香港、澳門和蒙古三地舉行的扶輪清潔日。保育專家Samson也分享了有關紅樹林及其棲息地的寶貴見解, 強調了它們在保護海岸線和支持生物多樣性方面的重要性。

Guided by conservationists, we marveled at the intricate network of mangrove roots and their diverse habitats. We were captivated by the vibrant fiddlercrabs and elusive picture fish, immersing ourselves in the magnificence of the natural world.


Armed with gloves, shovels and bags, we embarked on a mangrove beach cleaning activity, removing tons of debris. The happiness and satisfaction we felt were immeasurable as we witnessed the impact of our collective effort. We proceeded with the sapling plantation process, carefully selecting pen-like “droppers” (Kandelia obovate) saplings to secure the future of these magnificent trees and their habitats.

我們戴着手套,持起鏟子和袋,開始了紅樹林海灘清潔活動,清除了大量的垃圾。我們集體的努力,令大家感到非常高興和滿足。之後我們繼續進行了樹苗種植,精心選擇了水筆仔(Kandelia obovata)樹苗,以保存這些壯麗的紅樹及其未來棲息地。

Before bidding farewell, we gathered for a debriefing session, reiterated the importance of our efforts, and provided further insights into the long-term impact of the tour.


As we departed, we carried cherished memories of camaraderie, breathtaking beauty, and gained knowledge. The event served as a catalyst for environmental awareness and engagement. We all left with a renewed sense of responsibility and a determination to make a lasting impact in our communities.


Thanks to the vision of DG Andy, the ecological insights from PPE Chair Eliza, the event organizing committee (OC), and the expertise of the conservationists. Special thanks to members of the OC Team, supporters and participants as follows:

特別感謝DG Andy的生態保育方針,PPE主席Eliza對環境保育的見解,以及活動籌委會及保育專家的專業知識分享。保育地球(PPE)委員會向所有今次活動委員會成員、支持者、參與者致謝萬分感謝:

  • PPE Chair: IPP Eliza Ning, RC of HK Harbour
  • PPE Mangrove Sapling Plantation and Ecological Conservation Tour Chair: DDS   Donald Chan, RC of Golden Bauhinia HK
  • Venue Manager & Coordinator: IPP Leo Chan, RC of Admiralty
  • Logistics Manager: IPP Annyee Chan, RC of Hong Kong Northeast; Rtn Swallow   Cheng, RC of Happy Valley
  • Flyer Design: IPP Eliza Ning, RC of HK Harbour
  • Newsletter reporting: DDS Donald Chan, RC of Golden Bauhinia HK
  • Coach Coordinator: IPP Annyee  Chan, RC of HK Northeast; P Brian Wu, RC of HK Bayview; Rtn Priscilla Lui, RC of Homantin Hill
  • Drone Filming/Video Operator: IPP Leo Chan, RC of Admiralty
  • Venue Provider: Sha Tau Kok Farm 沙頭角農莊
  • Conservationist: Samson So, Iris Yuen and team from Eco Institute

We also express our appreciation to our District leaders including DG Andy Li, PDG Eric Chak, DS Sally Ho and several other District Officers’ support by attending the event.

我們還要感謝DG Andy Li、PDG Eric Chak、DS Sally Ho 以及其他地區領導的全力支持。

~ Prepared by DDS Donald Chan ~

We are thrilled to announce that we have reached a milestone in the Green In Our Hands competition, accumulating over 300,000 Green points thanks to the dedication and hard work of more than 40 Rotary Clubs within our district. This incredible achievement has allowed us to provide 200 packs of rice, 200 packs of salt, 200 packs of Vita soy milk, and other essential items to those in need in our community.

However, our work is far from over. In order to further enhance our efforts and reach even more individuals who require assistance, we are now calling for corporate matching fund support seeking to partner with local businesses and organizations on every item we donate to, the sponsors will match and donate every item or dollar to them together! For details, please contact IPP Annyee.

Please join us in making a difference and creating a more sustainable and compassionate future for all.

We have started to share extracts from the Green Events Handbook (“Handbook”) published by Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group in the September issue of the DG Newsletter.  The last part of the Handbook, being Pages 20 to 24 about reflections and frequently asked questions, are extracted below.   Together let’s learn how to run sustainable Rotary events!  For those who want to read the Handbook in one go, please click the link below: