DG Newsletter – May

2024-2025 Regional Team Learning Seminar took place in Regal Hong Kong Hotel this Rotary Year. This the first time that District 3450 hosted the Regional Team Learning Seminar. The 2-day seminar attracted around 100 participants from 7 Districts of Zone 10B and Zone 10C. RI Director Ghim Bok Chew, the Convenor of the seminar, graced the occasion and shared his valuable experience with the participants. We were honoured to have RI Coordinators to share their insight on the focuses – Membership, The Rotary Foundation, End Polio, Endowment Fund and Public Image. Participating District Governors reported their achievement since July and their on-going jobs. Another highlight of the seminar was District Governor Elects sharing their goals and action plan for the coming Rotary Year. DGE Nigel Lo also briefed his plans on how to work out The Magic of Rotary. It was an occasion for reviewing the past, as well as forward-looking to the future. The seminar was filled with thought-provoking conversations, valuable exchanges, with great camaraderie. District 3450 is a newbie to Zone 10C after rezoning last year. The Seminar has also deepened our connection with other Districts in Zone 10B and Zone 10C. We explored potential corporations.

In addition to the seminar, we also arranged a Partner’s Program, including visiting Hong Kong special attractions and tasting delicious food. In addition, the conference also arranged a night cruise in Victoria Harbor for overseas guests, so that all our fellows can have wonderful memories in Hong Kong.

Thanks to all Rotarians who put an effort in organising the seminar. Special thanks to Chair PDG YK Cheng and his organising committee. I would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for your enthusiasm and unwavering support.

2024-2025區域團隊研習會今年於富豪香港酒店舉行,今次是3450地區首次主辦區域團隊研習會。為期兩日的研習會吸引第10B及第10C地帶七個地區約100名社員親臨現場與眾人交流。國際扶輪理事兼研習會召集人Ghim Bok Chew親身出席研習會,與與會者分享他寶貴的經驗。我們很榮幸得到各國際扶輸協調人的支持,分享他們於會員、扶輪基金、根除小兒麻痺、永久基金及公共形象等焦點的經驗。會上各地區總監亦報告他們自七月上任以來的工作成果以及正在進行的工作。研習會另一焦點是各地區總監當選人分享他們來年的目標和規劃。地區總監當選人羅承益亦有講述其計劃,致力實現神奇扶輪。研習會上,眾人回顧過去,展望將來,無分地區,相互對話交流,建立深厚的友誼。3450 地區於去年方重新分區至第10C地帶,舉辦研習會有助加深我們與第10B和10C地帶中其他地區的連繫。我們亦趁此機會探索潛在的合作機會。



On World Earth Day, District 3450 connected Rotarians from Hong Kong, Macau and Mongolia to create a better environment together. With the declaration of our Guest of Honor,  Mr. Wong Kam Sing, former Secretary of Environment and Ecology Department at the Kickoff Ceremony at the Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park, over a thousand participants from more than 70 Rotary Clubs joined hands with Rotaract Clubs, Interact Clubs and service partners to begin their cleaning up at over 40 places, from the seabed, seaside, country parks, hills as well as the community. Over 5 tons of rubbish were collected.

Yet, what we can clean on Rotary Clean Day was limited. Rotary Clubs in District 3450 used to organise beach cleaning and/ or country side cleaning service projects over the years. This Rotary Year, we managed to do the cleaning on the same day, hoping that with a larger scale, we can bring a larger impact to our community. If everyone does their job whenever and  wherever they may, our mother nature can reveal its true beauty as a return to us.


無可否認,我們在扶輪清潔日所能做的很有限。 然而,3450地區扶輪社多年來一直組織大大小小的海灘清潔和/或郊區清潔計劃。我們今年特意在同一天進行清潔工作,期望能以更大的規模,為社區帶來更大的影響。 如果每個人無論何時何地都做好自己的工作,我們的大自然亦會回報我們,展現出它真正的美麗。

On 2 April, we welcomed a Rotarian and a Rotaractor from Mongolia to join the 10th DMC. IPP Ariungoo shared youth service in Mongolia with participating District Officers. DDRRE Oscar Munbish also talked about the Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference in Mongolia. We do not only tell each other our plans; we also show our results.

於4月2日,本扶輪年度第十次DMC迎來兩位遠自蒙古而來的扶輪社友及扶青社員。IPP Ariungoo於會上與與會的地區職員分享了蒙古的青少年服務。DDRRE Oscar Munbish亦有分享於蒙古舉辦的亞太地區扶青年會。我們不止相互分享計劃,亦相互匯報成果。

Led by Incoming District Governor Nigel Lo, PDG Wilson Cheng, PDG Eric Chak, DS Alexander Cheung and DS (Mongolia Affairs) DS Albert Hwang went on a trip to Mongolia. They carried out the PETS & DTA Training to incoming District Officers, President-Elects and Club Officers of Area 9 and Area 10 in person. They also took the opportunity to visit our fellows in Mongolia. With the leadership of Incoming District Governor Nigel Lo, and together with his team, I believe that District 3450 will reach a new heights in Rotary Year 2024-25.

在來屆地區總監羅承益的帶領下,鄭鶴明前地區總監、翟慶聰前地區總監、張宇靈地區職員和 Albert Hwang地區職員(蒙古事務) 前往蒙古。 他們親自為第9區域和第10區域的來屆地區職員、社長當選人和扶輪社職員進行PETS和DTA培訓。 他們也藉此機會拜訪了我們在蒙古的同胞。 在候任地區總監羅承益以及他的團隊的帶領下,我深信 3450地區將在 2024-25扶輪年度更進一步。

The awarding ceremony of the 2nd Rotary Carbon Reduction Short Film Competition organized by the Preserve Planet Earth was successfully held on 13 April.  This year, nearly 80 teams, a total of over 200 middle school students participated in the competition. Participants created films themed “low-carbon lifestyle” and “plastic and waste reduction”. From ideas, discussion, shooting, editing to the final product, they have to relate it to carbon reduction. The competition aims to raise awareness of reducing carbon emission, and ultimately achieving a low-carbon life.

由保育地球委員會舉辦的「第⼆屆扶輪減碳短⽚創作⽐賽」頒獎典禮已於 4 月 13 日完滿舉行。是次比賽獲得學界鼎力支持,有近 80 個隊伍,超過 200 位中學學生參賽。是次比賽的主題為「低碳生活 型格時尚」及「走塑減廢 引領潮流」,由構思、討論、拍攝、剪輯至最終成品,皆需與減少碳排放環環緊扣。大會望能透過是次比賽提高學生對減少碳排放的意識,實現低碳生活。

INNOPET Board game is a game specifically designed for autism patients and their family and friends. Rotary Club of Innovation Hong Kong has organised this service projects since 2017 and keeps enriching the programme year by year. This year, they organise an INNOPET Story Competition, allowing participants to share their experience with autism patients through storytelling. For the INNOPET Character Creation Competition, participants were encouraged to design an autism character in the aspects of personality, emotion and tendency.

The finals and awarding ceremony were hosted on 6 April. All attendees gathered together to celebrate the World Autism Acceptance Week (2 – 8 April). Let’s take the first step to recognize, understand, embrace and appreciate people with autism. With every one taking a little step, we can create an inclusive world, a world that is full of hopes.

INNOPET桌上遊戲是專為自閉症患者及其親友而設的桌上遊戲。香港創新扶輪社自2017年以來一直舉辦INNOPET服務計劃,並逐年拓展計劃內容。今年,該社舉辦INNOPET 故事創作比賽,讓參賽者透過故事分享他們與自閉症患者接觸的經驗,而INNOPET角色設計比賽則鼓勵參賽者就性格、情緒和傾向等方面為遊戲設計自閉症角色。


MEP aims to cultivate students to gain awareness on social issues and corporate social responsibility through proposing a viable business on innovative services or products, preparing young generations to be the future entrepreneurs. On 27 April, the finalists who stood out from the 106 participating teams gathered at The Wave and were then awarded at the MEP 24 Awarding ceremony. Congratulations to all MEP24 winning schools, teachers and mentors!

和富千禧企業家精神計劃旨在鼓勵學生透過構想具創意的服務或產品回應社會需要,深化他們的企業社會責任意識,培育成為未來企業家。於4月27日,從106隊參賽隊伍中奪圍而出的決賽入圍者齊聚The Wave,並頒發獎項予得獎者。恭喜所有MEP24勝出的學校、老師和導師!

On 14 April, District 3450 organised its singing contest to identify hidden good voices among us. Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of all those in attendance.  Thank you AG Anita Tang  and event Chair P Alan Chow as well as all Club Presidents from Area 6. We all enjoyed a fun-filled evening. The winners of the night are going to perform at the Governor’s Banquet on the first day of the coming District Conference. Seize your chance if you missed the competition.

3450地區於4月14日舉辦歌唱大賽,尋找社友中的好聲音。感謝各位踴躍參與,亦要感謝Anita Tang助理總監、大會主席Alan Chow社長以及第六區域各社長的籌辦。當晚眾人皆盡興而歸。當晚的得獎者將於地區年會首天晚上舉辦的總監晚宴上表演,敬請期待。

Happy 70th Anniversary to Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island East! It is my pleasure to celebrate this important and memorable occasion with Rotarians of the Club on 6 April. Highly recognise the awardees of long service awards. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to greatness. Together, we can Create Hope in the World!

恭喜香港東區扶輪社70周年社慶!我很榮幸能於4月6日與該社社友一起慶祝如此重要、難忘的日子。由衷佩服長期服務獎的得獎者,感謝各位堅定不移的承諾和貢獻。 只要齊心協力,我們定能為世界創造希望!

On 12 April, we gathered to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island West,  the oldest club of our District. Since 1954, Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island West has been rooted in District 345 (renamed as District 3450 in 1991). This remarkable milestone demonstrates the dedication, service and unwavering commitment of Rotarians of the Club.

Happy 70th Anniversary! I am looking forward to celebrating more club anniversaries with the Club. I can’t wait to celebrate 100th anniversary. That must be one of the major events of our District.



On 19 April, Rotarians and members of Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) had an incredible time at the HKGCC X Rotary Club Business Networking Happy Hour. HKGCC CEO Patrick Yeung shared about the community work. I also took the opportunity to introduce core values of Rotary. PP Andrew Wong shared a global grant service project too . We shared a similar vision and will continue to explore opportunities for cooperation.

社友與香港總商會會員於4月19日齊聚一堂,參與香港總商會X扶輪社商務聯誼。香港總商會CEO Patrick Yeung分享了他們的社區工作。我亦有向眾人介紹扶輪3450的核心價值。前社長Andrew Wong親自講述一項全球獎助金服務項目的內容。


In April, two New Member Orientations were organised. New members were invited to participate in New Member Orientation (Macao) and New Member Orientation(Hong Kong)  on 13 April and 30 April respectively. The orientation is all about sharing, sharing of our core value, sharing of our experience, and mostly importantly, sharing of our vision. Welcome all newcomers.

今年四月,我們舉辦了兩場社友迎新會。新社友獲邀出席分別於4月13日及4月30日舉行的澳門及香港社友迎新會。迎新會的重點是分享,較資深的社友分享核心價值、經驗,最重要的是,分享我們的願景。 歡迎所有新社友的加入。