District Membership Committee is pleased to report a very busy year In terms of membership movements, with loads of training and events to improve Club Experience!

As of 9th May, there are 2,841 Rotarians over 114 Clubs and 1,149 Rotaractors from 72 clubs giving us a total 3,990 members in D3450.  There are 5 New Clubs chartered in this year and one more club is chartered in progress.

DG Andy Li initiated the concept of Rotary School, to introduce potential members on Rotary in a 2.5 hr session.  The first session was conducted in June 2023

to prepare potential members and another session in Aug 2023.  More than 50+ participants attended and all found the sessions useful in understanding of Rotary. Afterwards we integrated Rotary School into 5 New Members Orientations in this Rotary Year.

District Membership Seminar was organized in August. There were 70 participants with keynote speaker-  Zone 10 B & C Rotary Coordinator, PDG Jason Lim

1st Session: New Member Orientation (Chinese) Oct 7, 2023

2nd Session: New Member Orientation (English) Oct 21, 2023

3rd Session: New Member Orientation & Rotary School (Chinese), 23 March, 2024

4th Session: New Member Orientation & Rotary School – Macau (Chinese), 13 Apr, 2024

4th Session: New Member Orientation & Rotary School – Macau (Chinese), 13 Apr, 2024

5th Session: New Member Orientation & Rotary School (English), 30 April 2024

CP Academy gained much grounds both in Hong Kong and Mongolia. After Train-The Learning Facilitators Sessions with the Mongolia Facilitator Team: PAG Migaa, PAG Enhktuya and PAG Bertsegseg; they conducted two sessions of CP Academy whereby the first session in September, trained 16 members and the 2nd Session in March 2024 trained another 8 Rotarians and Rotaractors. These two Sessions produced 3 CPs chartering 3 Clubs with a total of 70 new members!

Train-The Learning Facilitator Seminar (Zoom) 19, 22 Sept 2023

CP Academy Mongolia Opening 23 Sept 2023

CP Academy Class in progress 23, 30 Sept 2023

CP Academy Mongolia – Graduates 30 Sept 2023

CP Academy in Hong Kong gained momentum with 5 participants who completed the training last November resulting 2 CPs chartering two Clubs with another 40+ new members!

Speaker: Song Hoi-See – Flying through Turbulence 20 Sept 2023

Speaker: Tam Yiu Chung, GBM, GBS, JP 5 Oct 2023

Speaker: Raymond Tam Chi Yuen GBS, JP 2 Nov 2023

There were 4 Happy Hour Sessions organized, partnering with different organizations, and crossover introduction amongst members of these organizations. This opens us the opportunities to get to know each other and fundamental details of each organization.

Malaysian Chamber of Commerce X Rotary D3450 – Durian Feast   13 Dec 2023

HK General Chamber of Commerce X Rotary D3450 Happy Hour 19 Apr 2024

Toastmaster D89 X Rotary D3450 Happy Hour 26 Apr 2024

Scout X Rotary D3450 Tea Reception 2 May 2024



In summary, the following data of Impact contributed in Rotary Year 23-24 is as follows:

Last but not the least, on behalf of the District Membership Committee, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to our Governor Andy Li who gave trust us with such a big free hand. My heartfelt gratitude is extended to our team members who have been working relentlessly with me to make these achievements and contributions all happened. I Salute you all !

PDG CP Eric Chin District Membership Committee Chair 2023-24 Rotary Club of Hong Kong North Point 14th May 2024