District 3450 Rotary Foundation Committee 2023-2024

By PDG Belinda Yeung, JP, Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour

June is designated Rotary Fellowships Month to recognize the importance of international fellowship and goodwill among Rotarians with similar recreational and vocational interests, promote increased participation in fellowships, and increase understanding of this program.

Rotary Fellowships are international, independently organized groups of Rotarians, Rotary partners, and Rotaractors who share a common recreational interest or vocation. This month is recognition of the opportunity to have fun, make new friends around the world and enhance the experience of Rotary that belonging to a Rotary Fellowship enables.

Rotary Fellowships began informally in 1928 when a group of Rotarians with an interest in Esperanto joined together. In 1947, Rotarians organized a group of boating enthusiasts, which became the Yachting Fellowship. This joining together to share common interests and activities gained attention and operated over the years under various names as World Fellowship Activities; International Vocational Contact Groups; Rotary Recreational and Vocational Fellowships; and finally Rotary Fellowships.

Fellowship activities vary widely. Some groups come together around hobbies or special interests. Others are based on common vocations. Some Fellowships are purely social while others use their fellowship for service projects. Each Fellowship must maintain a membership base representing at least 3 Countries. Each Fellowship elects at least 3 Officers to oversee the group’s operations. Fellowships are expected to facilitate communication amongst their members and to maintain regular communication with Rotary International.

There are currently over 61 Rotary Fellowships. 

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  • Recreational Activities
  • Hobbies
  • Sports
  • Vocations
  • Rotary History & Culture
  • Enable Rotarians to make lasting friendships outside their own club, district or country
  • Contribute to the advancement of Rotary’s public image and identity
  • Serve as an incentive for joining Rotary and for continuing as a member

“Fellowship is wonderful; it illuminates life’s pathway, spreads good cheer, and is worth high price.” -Rotary Founder Paul Harris

Examples of Rotary Fellowships

More than 100 Rotary Fellowships are now officially registered with Rotary International

Join a Fellowship by contacting a group that interests you. The full list of Fellowships can be found online: www.rotary.org/fellowships

Interested in starting a new international Fellowship on a new topic? Go to www.rotary.org/fellowships where you can find all the steps on how to get started.

You will need:

Completed application form with a clear explanation of the group’s purpose

List of proposed officers and their responsibilities

Fellowships offer Rotary and Rotaract members meaningful experiences and introduce new members to Rotary by: Providing fun and diverse ways of participating in Rotary; Connecting members of the Rotary community around a shared occupation, hobby, or interest beyond their club and country; Offering platforms for in-person and virtual networking; Welcoming any interested individual, regardless of Rotary affiliation; Illustrating Rotary’s inclusivity of many vocations, interests, cultures, and identities.

Meet with Our Major Donor PP Ares Leung and Rtnne Karen Lee
Rotary Club of Peninsula South (MD level 4)

“The past few years saw a lot of hardship in Hong Kong and the world, and I am no exception. Alongside the difficulty, I did as much as I could to support our city. Many people in the world now suffer unbearable conditions. Like many fortunate people, I am still living a healthy, normal life, and I feel very blessed. So I decided to donate for a good cause, especially when more effort may be necessary to promote donations. The Rotary Foundation (TRF) is my trusted vehicle for good work to humanity.”

 I began my childhood in a squatter. My family of 5 then lived in a 150 sq ft resettlement unit. I am a standing testimony that our City allows humble people to improve their livelihoods with simple diligence, dedication and integrity.

I was not considered a well-performing intern, after I graduated. My application for training was therefore not accepted by 2 training units. I was then sent to the Prince of Wales Hospital as a medical officer, because few new doctors wanted to work there at that time. I met my mentor who taught me the art and science of medicine, teaching & research, and opened my vision for new development. I could develop new services, take the lead in professional training, and have an interesting professional life. My story clearly showed that it was unnecessary to win at the starting line.

As a Christian, I would no longer boast about earthly or professional achievements, although I have done practically everything a doctor wants to achieve, and I could spend hours or days to tell tales to youngsters. Suffice it to say that we always succeed when we put our heart to help clients and fellow teammates, whether we are with calm or rough water. We remember that we start with a serving heart regardless of gain or loss. We may change our approach to suit the environment, but we do not give up or give in, when we follow the narrow path to righteousness.  During Covid years, God granted me courage to fulfil my duties as a medic in Hong Kong. I slashed prices of Covid tests through diplomacy. I vaccinated people more than 1.5 million times. I took up the medical care of the first and also the biggest community isolation facilities, assuming both administrative and frontline duties.

I am grateful to my wife, who always loves and supports me. I am nobody without her. I have 2 very good children and 4 lovely grandchildren. My material worth is less than many others, but I have everything that a man wants at the age of 63.

 There is a well-known saying, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” A major donor gives an accumulated amount to the Rotary Foundation from US$ 10,000 to US$ 249,999. We are well-recognized as major donors. We can share that honour with other Rotarians. In this way, we assist them in becoming the first and then multiple Paul Harris Fellows, to encourage them to contribute to TRF more. There are various ways to contribute. Rotarians know a lot about donations to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus and grants. Alternative vehicles to donate are named endowment funds. We can name an Endowment Fund after ourselves, our companies, our loved ones, and there is no limit to constructive imagination. For example, in one exercise, I named a fund after my 4 grandchildren. In addition, we may pay by instalments over some time.

Meet with Our Major Donor PP Kishore Sakhrani
Rotary Club of Hong Kong South (MD level 4)

“Since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, inequality in societies around the world has been rising and suffering among the poor has increased.  I believe that the Rotary Foundation is an excellent medium to channel donor funds to worthwhile projects around the world.  I have been fortunate in life.  Being a major donor is my small way to contributing to help reduce suffering in the world.”

Do you have any messages for potential major donors?

The news is full of toil and trouble and great suffering all over the world.  It is easy to toss up our hands and say “Well, what can I do?”  There is something you can do to fight poverty and suffering.  Those of us who live in Hong Kong are fortunate to live in one of the best places in the world and HK has been good to many of us. 

TRF is an excellent way to give back to society in a cost efficient and very effective manner.   Making a commitment to becoming a major donor within a specified time is one of the best ways to help.   I am proud to be a major donor and I invite you to join this exclusive club.

Please share something about yourself

My family has been in Hong Kong since about 1935.  I was born in Hong Kong many years ago and went to local schools. 

For most of the ’70s and ’80’s, I lived overseas but came back in early 1990 to run a business my wife started.  We sold that business about 12 years ago and, since then, my wife and I have been actively involved in several charities, most of which focus on making Hong Kong a better and more inclusive society. 

We have two children, both of whom are now adults and they are good, responsible people which is my source of greatest pride. 

Giving back to society is important to my wife and I and Rotary is one of the major ways we look to contribute to Hong Kong’s wellbeing.

Meet with Our Major Donor PP Terence Lun
Rotary Club of  New Territories (MD level 4)

“Frankly speaking, we sponsor local projects at our club level and support people in need in Hong Kong.  However, we all know that there are a lot of places in the world which need our help desperately, so if our club cannot extend our effort to every part of the world, I believe that direct donations to RI Foundation is one of the best way to support people in remote areas.”

To become a major donor is just a habit of donating annually and to remind myself to do my job on time.  Once you have a habit of donation, you can imagine that you have done a great job.

Do you have any messages for potential major donors?

Becoming a major donor is not a difficult goal, set a plan to achieve it in 5 years which is easy, and each month just donate USD167 (the cost of a dinner of a family) and you will achieve your Level 1 Major Donor in 5 years.

Remember, on every happy occasion (birthday, wedding), always donate some amount to RI Foundation and make it a habit.

Please share something about yourself

Born in a family of 4 children and working in my father’s factory every summer term break in late 70’s, we did not have much time to spend in playing, travelling overseas or hobbies.  As a result, I was just a workaholic when I grow up.  

Almost every word mumbling from my mouth was talking about my job and I missed a lot of time to regain my real life.   Becoming a Rotarian was just a flash from my thought, but through that I can meet people from all walks of life. 

When I became a President of Rotary Club of New Territories, it gave me a platform to fulfil my wish to help people in need.  Now as a Past President, I am still happy to extend my support to our new president of each year. 

Meet with Our Major Donor PE Greg Knowles
Rotary Club of Wanchai (Bequest Society level 3)

“I consider myself to be an incredibly lucky person – with a fantastic wife and children, fulfilling career, great friends in my adopted city of Hong Kong and back in Manchester, where I am from originally…

There is no doubt in my mind that Rotary International’s greatest contribution to date is the work to end polio – that is truly eye-catching and inspirational and on its own a reason for giving. ”

As I was reaching mandatory retirement age at my law firm, and with my children grown up and studying and working in the UK, I took a long, hard look at my life and thought – as I have the time and the health and strength to do so, now is the moment to try to give something back. And give back in particular to Hong Kong and its people, who have been so good for me.

And as a secondary matter, as I was going to spend less time socialising with clients and colleagues, and also with some old friends drifting away from Hong Kong, I was also looking for ways of meeting new people whose acquaintanceship I would enjoy.

And you know what is going to happen next…..

I was talking this all through with a friend of mine, who just happened to be PP of Rotary Club of Wanchai, and he said – “I have an idea for you”.

And so here I am four years later, President-Elect of Rotary Club of Wanchai.

Please share something about yourself

I was born and raised in south Manchester, my wife is also from Manchester,  I have a Manchester accent and I am PP of the only club in Hong Kong which is as important as the Rotary Club of Wanchai –  Manchester City FC Official Supporters Club, Hong Kong Branch!

But Hong Kong is my home now and I have equal affection for and loyalty to both cities. I have lived in Discovery Bay for the last 24 years and I do not think I will ever live anywhere else. 

I qualified as a solicitor and spent my career in business and finance law, initially in London, then Tokyo and for the final 20 years in Hong Kong. My wife of 27 years, Deirdre, is a teacher at Discovery Bay International School. My son works for Amazon at their bright and shiny headquarters in the City of London and my daughter is completing her studies at King’s College London.

Meet with Our Major Donor PP Ayumi Liu
Rotary Club of Peninsula (MD level 1)

“My name is Ayumi Liu, a name that signifies my role as a bridge to benefit the world. I am blessed with a happy, warm family of five: my incredibly supportive and loving husband, Brian Cheung, who is also a dedicated Rotarian, and our three children—one son and two daughters. From a young age, I have always found immense joy in helping others. Being part of the Rotary family allows me to serve society, support those in need, and give back alongside a group of like-minded individuals. ”

When I was working in Japan, my boss Masaru Ueno was a member of the Rotary Club of Osaka Shirokita. The Rotary Club he belonged to was a sister club of the Rotary Club of Peninsula. On his recommendation, I joined the Rotary Club of Peninsula when I moved to Hong Kong.

Being a Rotarian provides a unique and invaluable opportunity to make a significant positive impact on both local and global communities. The most valuable aspect of being a Rotarian, in my opinion, is the opportunity to contribute to meaningful and sustainable projects that address critical issues such as health, education, and poverty. Through Rotary, individuals can collaborate with professionals, develop leadership skills, and work towards the common goal of creating lasting change. Additionally, the sense of the network of support among members enrich both personal and professional lives, fostering a spirit of service above self.

My parents’ generation did not have the opportunity to receive much education due to economic reasons.  Therefore, in my time, I made effort to study abroad and further my education. Now that I have my own children, I deeply feel that giving to others can also make society better, which, in turn, benefits my children and contributes to a better future for them and society.

Therefore, I hope that my donation will foster positive and lasting change in society, contributing to the well-being and progress of future generations.                       

Language learning corner: Let’s speak Mongolian!!!

Trustee Chair Message

Barry Rassin
Foundation Trustee Chair 2023 – 24

There’s something magical about Rotary. Even after all these years of being a member, I continue to be amazed by it.

It’s present in the partnership between Rotary clubs in Canada and Uganda that supports economic and community development and vocational training at the same time. This global grant-funded initiative trains Ugandan youths in welding and related skills to make wheelchairs for a children’s home serving people with disabilities. Technicians receive training in Canada and return home with valuable skills to start enterprises, helping meet the need for wheelchairs in the community.

Another global grant-supported project that reflects Rotary’s entrepreneurial spirit is in Guatemala. To address the challenges of limited internet access for rural schools, a host club in Guatemala partnered with Irish members to initiate a project that is equipping six schools and three community centers in the rural Sololá area with plug-and-play servers containing educational materials like books and videos. The grant also furnishes laptops and uninterruptible power supplies and trains teachers, benefiting about 1,800 individuals as it leverages technology for literacy and education.

Don’t forget: Foundation global grants also support scholarships. One such scholarship, sponsored by Italian and German clubs, focuses on artificial intelligence in disease prevention and treatment. Italian scholar Salvatore Galati conducted research at a university in Bonn, Germany, using AI algorithms to analyze vast datasets for innovative drug development. Such computer-aided approaches can reduce costs and research time in the development of lifesaving drugs.

It’s fantastic to see us innovating and incorporating new approaches and technology into our Foundation grants.

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