Characteristics of Area 1

Area 1

Rotary Club of Amizade

  1. The uniqueness of the Club name with a special meaning that makes us unforgettable.
  2. We are creative
  3. Keep track of performance in water-related services
  4. Continuous innovation of service items
  5. Since the establishment of the Club, EREY has been 100%
  6. 100% Paul Harris Club
  7. The first Rotary club in Macau to establish RCC
  8. Macao’s first Global Grant project – – construction of six water purification system services in Shaanxi
  9. We are very inclusive and can give our friends the feeling of “home”
  10. Strong Musical elements

Rotary Club of Guia

  1. 傳承扶輪Continuing the spirit of Rotary
  2. 社員多元Diversity
  3. 氣氛融和Embracing harmony
  4. 支持環保Environmental protection
  5. 實踐公平 Equality
  6. 傳统與創新Living traditions through innovation
  7. 奉獻扶輪基金Devotion towards the Rotary Foundation
  8. 積極主動Proactive participation
  9. 團結齊心United as one
  10. 朝氣勃勃Youthful vibrance

Rotary Club of Hou Kuong

  1. Fun but seriously serving the community
  2. Work hard and play hard
  3. Empathetical but not over-emotional
  4. 46 years old Club but still young
  5. Imperfect but unique
  6. Support and love
  7. Passionate
  8. Straight forward but not aggressive
  9. Love where we are at and what we are doing
  10. Enjoy culture of drink and drunk

Rotary Club of Macau

  1. Fellowship – Engaging Rotarians who share the same passion for service
  2. Service – The reason we gather around Rotary
  3. Leadership – To shape younger generations to take up challenges and lead by example
  4. Inclusive – To embrace all in Rotary
  5. Tradition – Respecting senior Rotarians’ experiences
  6. Ethics – Ensure the utmost respect for the Rotary Code of Ethics
  7. Integrity – Always observe and follow the 4-Way Test
  8. Diversity – Recognize that being different adds up to better serve
  9. Lasting Change – Act to make a long-lasting difference
  10. Vocation – Use our skills to empower others in service

Rotary Club of Macau Central

  1. Each Club President only serves for one term and not repeat Presidency for 40 years.
  2. The last (DGGR ) District Governor Group Representative in RID 345 Macau.
  3. The first (AG) Assistant Governor in RID 3450, Area 1, Macau.
  4. Has more than 10 AGs in one Club.
  5. Host Club of RYLA Camp twice within our District.
  6. Had 5 past District RYLA Chairman in one club.
  7. All current Club Presidents have good guidance from our Club’s PP Council.
  8. Club’s Rotary by-laws hand book as reference.
  9. The only Rotary Club in Macau with one Rotaract Club and three Interact Clubs.
  10. Has the first Rotarian in Macau to serve as Legislative Council member of Macau.

Rotary Club of Macau islands

  1. Clear roles assignments
  2. Recognition and celebration
  3. Efficient team
  4. Active members
  5. Diversity, equity and Inclusion
  6. Wide variety of professions for empowering different club positions
  7. Wide range of age in members
  8. Balanced team of male and female
  9. From traditional to contemporary
  10. Can communicate in Portuguese, English, Mandarin and Cantonese

Rotary Club of Oriental Pearl

  1. Equal gender distribution among members
  2. Varied member classifications
  3. Paul Harris Fellow rate over 85% among members
  4. 100% EREY Club for 4 years straight since being Chartered
  5. Members have rich resources in the community
  6. Small but agile club
  7. The youngest club in Area 1
  8. Longest time frame for service projects in a Rotary Year
  9. At least one service project in mainland China each year
  10. End Polio Fund donations by all members each year

Rotary Club of Penha

  1. Preventing disease is the main Area of Focus of our club
  2. 40% members’ vocation and profession are in the medical industry
  3. 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club
  4. Succession plan from Secretary to VP, PE to President
  5. The main Avenue of Service of our club is Youth Service.
  6. Our Club Signature service project is “Rotary Smart Health Micro Film competition”
  7. Our club partnered with NGOs in Service Projects in Macao
  8. Green Club – District PPE Award -22/23
  9. Building Rotary DEI Culture in our Club
  10. Promoting mental health in secondary school