District Preserve Planet Earth Committee

Reported by IPP Eliza Ning, Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour, PPE Chair

On 2 July 2023, PPE Chair IPP Eliza, Vice Chair IPP Annyee and Committee Member PP Donald joint as observers for a diving cleanup tour. They might be the potential divers joining our Rotary Clean Day on 2024/4/20!

These divers picked up hundreds of golf balls, some ghost nets and a huge plastic slide near in the cleanup mission.

Green in Our Hands Recycling Competition

Have your club joint this meaningful recycling competition yet? So far a total of 27 Rotary Clubs participating and enjoying the 6 times on the Green$ points at the Green community Hong Kong in July 2023. BE PEOPLE OF ACTION  (一 起行動) – Sign up the competition via the link: