Green in Our Hands Recycling Competition

September PPE Newsletter written by IPP Simone Kong, Rotary Club of Central

We are in the second month of our Green in Our Hands Recycling Competition and thanks to the effort of Vice Chair IPP Annyee in promoting this competition, a further 10 clubs have signed up since the first month. There are a total of 37 clubs in the Competition and a total of 60K Green$ points have been earned so far.
The clubs will have until 15th April 2024 to earn Green$ points which will be used to redeem groceries such as rice and noodles. The winning club will get to choose the NGO to donate the groceries to. Rotary Club of the HUB Hong Kong is the club that has earned the most Green$ points up in the second month. Gather your family and friends to join in the recycling to earn more green$ points into groceries and donate to the needy! Of course don’t forget to invite the rest of the Rotary family in – Rotaract, Interact, Junioract and RCC!

Let’s BE PEOPLE OF ACTION  (一 起行動) – Sign up the competition via the link:

If any questions, please contact IPP Annyee Chan at 852 – 9853 9787

Green Rotary Club and District PPE Award

The first criteria for Green Rotary Club Recognition is to have a PPE Director appointed. There are 81 clubs which have appointed PPE Directors so far.
The second criteria of the Green Rotary Club Recognition is to adopt a club environment policy as follows at the board meeting:

“Rotary Club of XYZ is committed to ensuring that all club activities are conducted in as much of an environmental – friendly and sustainable manner as is reasonable and practical.”

After the above 2 criteria is fulfilled, then your club will need to achieve points to become a Green Rotary Club by 30th April 2024. There are 3 levels of recognition based on the number points earned, namely basic, advanced and expert level.

If your club wants to achieve the *District PPE Award*, on top of becoming an ADVANCED level Green Rotary Club, your club needs to have 30% or 10 club members whichever is lower to achieve Carbon Neutral by 30 April 2024.

Below is the application form for Green Rotary Club and District PPE Award, please submit on or before 30 April, 2024.

District PPE Power Day

Experience a day filled with green power and energy together with all the Rotarians, friends and family all embracing a vibrant atmosphere of PPE. A full day with morning indoor ( Rotarians ONLY) and afternoon outdoor sessions. Join the vegetarian lunch in between. Feel free to pick different sessions in case you are not free the whole day. Google application form will be out shortly. Stay tuned.

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