District Membership Committee Report – August 2023

By Chair PDG/CP Eric Chin with VC PP Eliza Fan

Happy Summer Reunion! This is the first Membership Committee’s report in this new Rotary Year! and we are happy to report there is a net growth of +28. Detail breakdowns are as follows:

We are also happy to report the chartering of a new Club – Rotary Club of The Discovery Hong Kong, during District Installation

Charter President Carlos Au with DG Andy and Mother Club RC of Star Avenue’s CP Jimmy Lau and P Sabrina Tong during District Installation chartering Ceremony

RC of Discovery Hong Kong was formally the Satellite Club of RC of Star Avenue.  With the chartering of this Club, RC of Star Avenue has completed its mission and closed both SCs i.e. The Discovery and Inspiration

The following is the latest report on Satellite Clubs:

DG Andy’s New Initiatives:

  1. Each Club Brings Three
  2. Start and Build ‘Rotary School’ to engage Potential Members before confirming them as Rotarians
  3. Connect with other business and commercial and professional organizations to introduce them to Rotary and open channels with cross over events for all parties to stay connected
  4. Improve Club experience!

DG’s Initiative #One

Rotary Zone Coordinator PDG Jason Lim made a special visit to join our District Membership Seminar on 19 Aug to encourage and give us some pointers on ‘How to Bring 3’ goal. Extracts of the event and on RC’s Words of Wisdom is as follows:

The keynote speaker, RC PDG Jason, a dynamic leader who has successfully led change management within his Club, his District and now within the Zone, made a most refreshing, interesting and insightful presentation that is awakening! He led us to revisit the basics of why we join Rotary and why we should see Rotary and our Club from the eyes of those who are new to Rotary. A fun, learning and engaging Club experience filled with services and warm fellowship are the basic core to what engage members to continue the Rotary journey.

We were led to revisit: Rotary Core Values, Rotary Vision, Rotary Strategic Action Plan and its priorities; all these are the cornerstones of each Club’s base to build fellowship activities and service projects. Club culture and image differs, these differences shine through as the Club’s individuality and its Image. The dynamics amongst the different clubs in the District resonates the diversity and brings home the fact that: There is always a Club near you! that fits your needs.

We are all encouraged to uphold ‘Integrity’ as the basic initiative, the desire ‘to learn’ and ‘to serve’ are the other basic pull factors’ to be a Rotarian. On a Club basis, we should always be looking out to build more pull factors to attract membership. Membership provides the support both monetarily and physically to service projects at the Club and District levels. Membership matters! as it builds strength and diversity, it bonds and builds friendships, it supports needs in local communities and contributes to international projects. Membership within the Club and the District builds identity and continuity. Each Rotarian has the opportunity, the duty and the responsibility to walk the Walk and talk the Talk. Don’t allow your own inhibitions to limit you, mistakes and failures are first step to making Changes! Change is the sustaining substance that evolves and equip us to a better world.

With so much to bring home we are encouraged! Uplifted! Equipped! To brace the challenge of Each Club brings 3! We shall all give a Good Go and not be afraid because if we do not take the first step to try, we never know the result!!

Do join us to give a good try in the ‘Making 3’ membership drive of DG Andy, with the support from Zone and the District!!!

DG Andy’s 2nd initiative – Rotary School

The first class of Rotary School was held on 21 June in preparation for potential and interested persons at RIC. Photos and some comments from the attendants on this 1st class explained the successful implementation of this new initiative:

For RY 23-24, Rotary School sessions are scheduled as follows:

  • 23 Aug (Wed) Chinese session
  • 23 Sep (Sat) Macau Session
  • 6 Oct (Fri) English Session (physical + zoom w/Mongolia)
  • 23 Nov (Thu) English Session (physical + zoom w/Mongolia)
  • 23 Dec (Sat) Chinese session
  • 24 Jan (Wed) Chinese session
  • Mar (tbc) Macau Session

First Session of Rotary School for this RY was held on 23 Aug at RIC and attended by 11 potential new members, 2 Rotaractors, 4 Presidents and 3 Past Presidents, who accompanied their potentials.

Participants actively participated in the sharing and discussions

RAC Dickson Wong and Aria Chan attended, they are  to learn and to prepare to conduct trainings with RACs

The Next Rotary School will be in Macau- 23 September! And we look forward to receive potential and new members to join. Please look out for enrolment invitation coming soon!

DG’s 3rd Initiative is: To Connect with Other Commercial Organizations and Professional Bodies with cross over events to attract potential members:

DG’s 4th Initiative: Improving Club Experience

District Membership Seminar 2023

District Membership Seminar was held in the morning of 19 August 2023 with many Rotarians taking personal time from their weekend to participate. After an icebreaking session of morning exercise, District Governor Andy LI gave an opening speech filled with resources to focus on membership growth. We were very honoured to have the presence of Rotary Coordinator PDG Jason LIM who flew in from Thailand to share ideas and inspire us on Rotary experience.

The 4-hour event was action packed with lots of information addressed in 10 sessions from 16 speakers; some of the topics were:

  1. Engaging our members with Customised Surveys
  2. Where to discover and what attracts people becoming a Rotarian in your Club
  3. How to make Rotary a fun place to do service and build fellowship
  4. Public speaking… practice doesn’t make perfect.

We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank our speakers and Organizing Committee members for a fruitful District Membership Seminar with many key take-aways and an enjoyable time of fellowship.

Keynote Speaker: Rotary Zone Coordinator PDG Jason Lim

Panel by CP Jimmy Lau with CP Herman Hu, P Ricky Chau and IPP Rita Fung

2nd Panel by PP Vishal Daswani with CP Karlo Au, CP Maggie Yuen and IPP Adrian Lau

Other Speakers:

With Breakfast & Lunch served at Venue, it was fun and fellowship building

RC PDG Jason, DG Andy, Chair PDG/CP Eric, RAC PDG Wilson and RAC CP Alvin with Chair DS/PP Colin, OC and Speakers

After DM Seminar, RC PDG Jason accompanied by Membership Chair PDG Eric and Zone ARC/CP Alvin travelled to Macau and met with: DDRR Billy Ho, ADRR Erik Kok, IPP Anna Kwong, P Andrew Kam, P Edwin Wan, club secretary Jasmine. Exchanges were made on how to elevate Rotaract and to grow membership of Rotaract, in Macau. RC PDG Jason also attended the Charter Ceremony of RC of Tango and met with Charter President Kam Ling and her 22 new members.

Area 1, Macau With CP Kent Kao and PP Paul Iec and RACS

Before RC Jason left HK, he summarized his visit to be a fruitful one in terms of meeting and connecting with District Leaders and members. There were valuable exchanges of ideas on various dimensions and most importantly on membership growth! One of the missions achieved is to narrow the gap between Zone 10C and D3450 as we, as a District, are a relatively new member, joining 1 July 2023!

CP Academy 2023 -2024

After a very successful Academy last year, CP Academy is coming back to prepare potential Rotarians to be Charter Presidents. Tentative schedule is as follows:

  1. Application for enrolment commences in September with training sessions to be conducted in mid-October.
  2. Certificate of Completion will be presented to participants subject to the following:
    a. Completion of 4 Training Sessions
    b. Visit to 2 Rotary Clubs before 31 March 2024 and
    c. Submission of 2 Club Visit Reports before 15 April 2024
  3. Involve to Organize a Graduation Dinner in May 2024

More details to follow! For Enrolment please contact CP Jimmy Lau

This is the 3rd year PDG/CP Eric Chin chairs the District Membership Committee. To bring membership drive forward, Missions and Visions are being shared as follows:

Goals and Objectives of District Membership Committee 2023-2024