Characteristics of Area 12

Area 12

Rotary Club of Hong Kong Financial Centre

  1. Dedicated to youth with 1 Rotaract, 1 Interact and 2 Junioract Clubs.
  2. International with sister clubs in Taipei and Kyoto.
  3. A well-diversified pool of members from different walks of life.
  4. Long term partnerships with service organizations sponsoring community projects for over 8 years.
  5. Full of professional members and key contributors to society.
  6. “3F” Club -Friends, Fun and Fellowship.
  7. Mixed-gender club.
  8. 100% Paul Harris Fellow Members and EREY Club.
  9. Meetings in Central.
  10. Flexi meeting schedule – twice a month, lunch and dinner.

Rotary Club of Kai Tak

  1. Dedicated to disease prevention
  2. Focus on elderly services
  3. With charity heart
  4. Strong commitment
  5. Closely working with the local community
  6. Lots of musicians/ singers
  7. Number of ladies more than number of gentlemen
  8. Most of us are travellers
  9. We got a pretty CP with strong leadership
  10. Strong Government support for our service projects

Rotary Club of Kingspark Hong Kong

  1. Accountability
  2. Courage
  3. We are service – oriented with good engagement with the community
  4. Integrity
  5. Loyalty
  6. Career Expo is our signature project
  7. We have 2 PDGs and many members are serving in the District
  8. We have 4 Interact Schools
  9. We contribute to TRF and apply both District Grant & Global Grant
  10. We are 100% PHF Club and EREY Club

Rotary Club of Kowloon East

  1. Founded in 1969
  2. The First 100% Paul Harris Society Club worldwide (1977)
  3. The First Major Donor Club worldwide (2007)
  4. Long and strong overseas interaction maintaining 5 sister or friendship clubs
  5. Assisted in the establishment of 5 other Rotary clubs
  6. Abundant various public services for Mainland China, overseas and local communities.
  7. Ongoing interest in community and youth service projects locally or beyond the territory.
  8. Active fellowship promotion through monthly social lunches, seasonal dinners, golf, mahjong, and group social visits.
  9. Keen to learn new technology to raise our task efficiency and effectiveness
  10. Welcome all male talents to join Kowloon East

Rotary Club of Kowloon Northeast

  1. Actively provide elderly service in society
  2. Inheriting the culture of Cantonese Opera
  3. Scrumptious meals for fellowship dinner meetings
  4. More than 20% of our members are doctors
  5. Members are like family
  6. Active in providing support to youth
    7.Maintain sensitivity in environmental friendliness in all senses
  7. Diverse and meaningful projects that help our community
  8. Loves to play mahjong and sports
  9. Promotes intergenerational friendship and mentorship

Rotary Club of Shenzhen

  1. 1st club chartered by mainland Chinese
  2. Promote bilateral exchange among Greater Bay regions
  3. Local heritage VS Global vision
  4. Innovative and creative
  5. Multicultural and Diverse
  6. Welcoming and open
  7. Professional
  8. Young and energetic
  9. Entrepreneurial
  10. Stand by Great Bay Area (GBA) and connect world

Rotary Club of Victoria Harbour

  1. Special education needs and youth life education support.
  2. Members from various industries build relationships with those in need.
  3. Little support, big impact.
  4. Building relationships and providing assistance to the SEN community.
  5. Youth equipped with essential life skills through our programs.
  6. Professionals: Volunteers willingly offer expertise as mentors.
  7. Meaningful bonds created between members and individuals seeking help.
  8. Small acts of support make a significant difference.
  9. Be part of our efforts to make a positive change.
  10. Supporting SEN and empowering youth through our services.